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Acoustic Applications specialises in the provision of solving noise and environmental problems for an extensive range of applications worldwide. We have an enviable client list which includes blue chip companies as well as internationally known clients in a number of key sectors, from aerospace, to printing, to pharmaceuticals and beyond. read more

Silencers provide effective sound attenuation for air or gas movement applications. We custom design all our silencers to specifically meet the air or gas flows with an absorptive area applicable to the attenuation requirement, providing a cost effective solution for our customers.

Features include:

  • Robust steel construction, riveted, screwed or welded dependant on the application.
  • Perforated splitter and linings for maximum sound absorption.
  • Aerodynamic shaped splitters and linings to minimise turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Filled with a non-combustible, chemically inert, water resistant, vermin and rot proof infill which does not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.
  • Fitted with a weather cowl to prevent the ingress off rain or snow.
  • Complete with a bird-mesh grill to prevent the passage of birds or other pests.
  • Supply of all ductwork and transition pieces required.
  • Available in a range of finishes: Powder coated or painted in a variety of colours, or simply in galvanised, stainless or polymer coated steel.