Light Shear Line Bank Control Cabin & Mess Room

control cabin and mess room at a steel plate mill

Light Shear Line Bank Control Cabin & Mess Room for a UK based plate mill operated by the Long Products Division of a world leading steel producer.

Scope of Works

To design, manufacture, deliver and install the required facility, this consisting of a Control Cabin approximately 4.1m long x 3.0m wide x 3.5m high with an adjoining Mess Room / Amenities area approximately 6.0m long x 2.3m wide x 3.0m high.

Design Considerations

The entire facility to be suitable for operation in the noisy, dirty & dusty conditions associated with this heavy
industrial process, and fit for purpose in providing a safe working environment for operations and
maintenance personnel – constructed in modular form, with each individual module being purposely designed
& sized for ease of transportation and installation on site.
Full turnkey package including the provision of air conditioning, suspended ceilings, modular & emergency
lighting, mains power, data transfer, plumbing services and finished floor overlays etc.
Control Cabin module furnished with work surface style desks and equipped with the necessary roof drops &
associated monitor hanging bracketry, all complete with pre-wired power supplies and video distribution
Safe access provided to the entire Control Cabin roof area via a cat ladder, spring safety gate, durbar
decking, stanchions, removable hand-railing etc.
Mess Room / Amenities module with fully-equipped kitchen (complete with electrical appliances i.e. wall
mounted water boiler, under-sink water heater, hand dryer, table-top cooker, microwave, fridge, air extractor
fan etc.) & dining area with breakfast bar & bar stool type seating.
Numerous single leaf man access doors to facilitate personnel entry / egress and emergency exit.
Strategically positioned acoustically insulated vision panels providing operational personnel with a panoramic
overview of the `production’ process.
Rigid manufacturing programme and a restricted 3-4 day installation schedule within the end user’s two week
summer shut-down period.

Acoustic Performance

The construction provided a 30dB reduction from factory ambient noise levels, allowing personnel to effectively communicate in a stress-free, comfortable environment.


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