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Acoustic Applications specialises in the provision of solving noise and environmental problems for an extensive range of applications worldwide. We have an enviable client list which includes blue chip companies as well as internationally known clients in a number of key sectors, from aerospace, to printing, to pharmaceuticals and beyond. read more

In industrial environments the noise from plant can present a noise problem resulting in a noise disturbance, or even worse, hearing damage. An effective solution may be to enclose the plant in order to reduce noise pollution without hindering it’s operation.Here at Acoustic Applications we have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a wide variety of acoustic enclosures over our time in business. These can be designed to meet a variety of processes and applications from small individual units for motors, pumps and gearboxes to large structurally designed systems. All our acoustic enclosures are custom made to address the acoustic problem and incorporate a number of key features:


Often of modular construction, larger enclosures are typically of steel frame construction providing a structurally rigid enclosure. Smaller enclosures may be frame-less, providing a cost-effective solution. Our acoustic panels come in a variety of specifications, all tailor made to address the noise problem. Access Requirements: We are able to offer a range of access


Be it single or double-leaf, hinged or sliding doors, hatches or removable panels. We have designed and built a number of enclosures which incorporate large telescopic sliding canopy doors to facilitate the craning of components into the enclosure.

Viewing Panels

Designed to maintain a view to within the enclosure without diminishing acoustic performance.


Be it natural or fan assisted, ventilation is incorporated into an enclosure to prevent against overheating and avoid impairment of plant operation. All ventilation apertures suitably silenced to maintain acoustic integrity.


Powder coated or painted in a variety of colours, or simply in galvanised, stainless or polymer coated steel finishes.

Examples of recent Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustically Insulated Test Rig Chamber

Acoustically Insulated Test Chambers for RKP & Fuel Test Rigs

Test Chambers for a worldwide designer, manufacturer & integrator of precision control
equipment for military & commercial aircraft, satellites, launch & space vehicles, missiles, automated industrial machinery, marine applications and medical equipment.

general view of acoustic enclosure for needle loom machine

Acoustic Enclosure for Needle Loom Machine

Acoustic enclosure for a Needle Loom on a production line manufacturing high-specification non-woven media. The Needle Loom operation produces noise levels up to 105dB(A) with a characteristic ‘drumming’ noise that led to noise complaints from a number of nearby residential properties.