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Acoustic Applications specialises in the provision of solving noise and environmental problems for an extensive range of applications worldwide. We have an enviable client list which includes blue chip companies as well as internationally known clients in a number of key sectors, from aerospace, to printing, to pharmaceuticals and beyond. read more

These are usually situated within noisy, hazardous environments, for housing process controls and operatives. It is a robust product maintaining an operator friendly approach for vision, safety and comfort amenities. They can be provided in single units or multi-section modules, floor or structure mounted for integration with associated plant.From large control rooms, to noise havens, to more specialist applications such as crane cabs, we have taken on a wide range of projects no matter how challenging the requirement. Key features include.


Single unit or modular construction to virtually any shape to make best use of space. Inclusive of integral floor, built directly onto the factory floor or incorporated into a n existing structure.

Man Access

Single or double-leaf, hinged or sliding doors, or even a double door arrangement separated by a vestibule area.

Viewing Panels

We can incorporate virtually any viewing panel configuration required and work closely with the end user to ensure that the required view is maintained with no detrimental effect on acoustic performance.

Lighting, Electrical Fittings

We can include light fittings, both everyday and emergency, all switches, fuses, power, network and telephone points, distribution boards and emergency power supplies, all fully wired, concealed and ready for use.

Air Conditioning

Temperature extremes are frequently encountered in industry making air conditioning a necessity for the comfort of operatives or the protection of the control equipment within. We work closely with our suppliers to deliver bespoke, integrated and self-contained air conditioning systems as part of our enclosures.

Welfare Facilities

It may be desirable to include welfare areas into an enclosure providing operatives with amenities with the convenience of not having to leave the enclosure. Mess rooms, kitchen facilities, wash-rooms, toilets and all associated plumbing and fittings may be incorporated into a control room or noise haven.


Powder coated or painted in a variety of colours, or simply in galvanised, stainless or polymer coated steel finishes.

Examples of recent Control Rooms & Noise Havens

control room for a uranium mine in niger africa

Niger Uranium Mine Control Room

Control Room situated at a Uranium mine in Niger, Africa, placed on a structure overlooking a rock breaker/sizer, providing a safe and comfortable area for operatives to oversee and control the rock breaking/sizing process.

Rail Loading Control Room

Rail Loading Control Room for the joint venture between Associated British Ports and the power generation industry, providing terminal investment at the King George Dock – Hull, where a new biomass handling facility is currently under construction.