Rail Loading Control Pulpit

Bespoke control room for a limestone quarry operated by a world renowned steel maker.

Scope of Works

To survey, design, manufacture and deliver a weatherproof control pulpit of overall dimensions 3.5m long x 2.6m wide x 2.8m high.

Design Considerations

  • The Control Room will be sited outdoors and to be ‘fit for purpose’ – weatherproof and suitable for operation in the noisy, dusty & windy conditions of a quarry, with pitched over-cladding to the roof, thus providing a dry and safe working environment for operational personnel.
  • To be installed on a platform in an elevated position, the strategically-placed inclined secondary glazed viewing panels allow operational personnel to oversee the rail loading process and view the rail stock entering and leaving the loading facility.
  • Internal & external (and emergency) lighting, power, data transfer & heating equipment etc., to be installed.
  • Computer & visual display equipment is to be housed within the facility, and the unit is to provide such equipment with suitable protection against dust, dirt and the harmful effects of condensation, corrosion etc.
  • The end user intends to install a process control console within the facility, and the control room floor will require a suitably sized, sealed aperture directly beneath the console to facilitate the installation of the necessary power cables, control wiring etc. All flooring finished in a hard-wearing vinyl tile overlay.
  • A fan-assisted ‘fresh air intake’ ventilation system, filtered to EU7, is to be incorporated at low level (for ease of access, maintenance etc.) with air conditioning system at high level for heating & cooling.

Acoustic Performance

An external noise level of 95dB(A) at 1 metre was reduced to 65dB(A) inside the Control Room, more than satisfying the customer's requirements.


March 2012

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