Drivers Cab Extension for Coke Pusher Machine

Acoustic Enclosure for drivers cabin

Drivers Cab Extension for a Coke Pusher Machine. The coke ovens and associated process machinery operated by one of the worlds leading steel producers.

Scope of Works

To design & manufacture the required Cab Extension to the customer's specific requirements, where structural integrity, material specification, surface preparation, protective coatings etc. are all of paramount importance - all programmed to meet a very short delivery time-scale for installation during the customer's summer shut-down period.

Design Considerations

Robust, durable and weatherproof design, suitable for operation in the noisy, dirty & dusty conditions associated with this heavy industry, and fit for purpose in providing a safe working environment for operators and maintenance personnel alike.
Curved roofing to facilitate rain water run-off and a reduced build-up of dirt and debris.
Strategically positioned secondary glazed vision panels offering a panoramic overview of the coke production process.
Man access doors to facilitate entry, egress and emergency exit.
Integration with the existing air conditioning equipment via the provision of the required service apertures and the necessary mounting bracketry for pipework, ducting etc.

Acoustic Performance

An external noise level of 85dB(A) was reduced to 65dB(A) inside the Cab, well below the customer target noise level of 70dBA and the First Exposure Action Level (80dBA) of the Control of Noise At Work Regulations 2005, reducing the operator's daily noise exposure and allowing effective communication by radio in a stress-free, comfortable environment.


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