Acoustic Treatment to Dynamometer Test Rig

enclosure for test rig on wheels

Acoustic treatment to a Dynamometer Test Rig for a facilities management company with the maintenance franchise for a fleet of passenger trains and the Condition Monitoring of the associated Railway Rolling Stock.

Scope of Works

To design, manufacture and deliver the required equipment suitable for the end users specific requirements.

Design Considerations

The overall design & construction (bespoke to this particular testing process) being fit for purpose in providing a safe working environment for operations & maintenance personnel – practical, cost-effective & functional, whilst reducing ambient noise levels in the surrounding area.
The enclosure manufactured in two identical halves, for positioning either side of the train bogey and the installed Dynamometer Test Rig.
Enclosure shaped to suit the train profile and associated rolling stock.
Buffers and compressive seal arrangement where enclosure contacts the rolling stock, with rubber skirting either side and across the rail tracks.
Free flow type ventilation with outlet vents for the exhaust gases at roof level, all attenuated to prevent noise emission.
Heavy duty castors suitable for the total calculated load, fully swiveling and lockable. Large diameter wheels for ease of manoeuvrability / relocation within the testing depot. Wheels of a composite type material for durability, longevity etc.
Castors mounted on out-riggers for maximum stability during transportation , re-positioning etc.
Hinged personnel / emergency exit doors for ease of access / egress during the test cycle.
Strategically positioned acoustically insulated vision panels enabling operations and maintenance personnel to oversee the testing process form outside the enclosed areas.

Acoustic Performance

The acoustic panels utilised in the design were rated at Rw35dB with the overall performance dependent upon satisfactory sealing down to the track. When well sealed, the mobile enclosure should provide an average noise reduction of 25-28dB


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