Acoustic Linings to Supermarket Loading Bay

Acoustic Linings to a supermarket loading bay (measuring approximately 12m wide, 3m deep and 6m high) for an established shop-fitting contractor and well known, nationwide retail outlet.

Scope of Works

Following an independent Noise Impact Report for the Local Authority (part of the Planning process for night time deliveries & offloading) - to undertake a full site survey, design, manufacture, deliver and install acoustically absorptive panels to the loading bay area.

Design Considerations

  • To be fit for purpose in providing an appropriate noise reduction to neighbouring residential properties, structurally sound, weatherproof, and capable of withstanding the relevant wind & snow loadings etc., whilst being functional & aesthetically pleasing.
  • Supporting steelwork & lining panels pre-drilled with rainwater drainage holes, galvanised, then powder-coated in the customer’s chosen colours (and panel cores totally encapsulated in a melinex membrane) to provide a protective coating with a guaranteed minimum life expectancy of 15 years.
  • Installation undertaken during restricted times (between deliveries, day time) to ensure continuation of supplies to the store.

Acoustic Performance

Night time noise levels were reduced from between 60-65dBA to less than 55dBA, consistent with the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines to protect vulnerable groups against sleep disturbance and ensure that delivery vehicles & offloading in the service yard could be undertaken 24 hours a day without disturbing the nearby residents, even when sleeping with their bedroom windows open during the quietest part of the night.


Febuary 2009

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