Acoustic Enclosures for Liner & Scorer Machines

Numerous acoustic enclosures for an array of ‘Liner & Scorer Machines’ within a bottle capping facility operated by a major closure manufacturer in the middle east.

Scope of Works

To design, manufacture, deliver, install and commission the required acoustic enclosures, these being of approximate overall dimensions 2.3m long x 1.6m wide x 2.5m high

Design Considerations

  • The units are to be supplied / shipped in flat-pack form for on-site assembly around the existing machinery and its associated ancillary /auxiliary equipment.
  • When fully assembled, the enclosures are to accommodate a variety of entry/exit service penetrations at roof level, for the numerous automated conveyor lines.
  • The assembled enclosures are to be fit for purpose in providing a safe working environment for operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Quick & easy access is vital on a production line of this type and hence a variety of options was used to accommodate the client’s requirements, including single and bi-folding doors, hinged maintenance hatches, quick-release removable panels etc.
  • Acoustically insulated vision panels that provide the necessary resistance to internal damage by projectiles, flying debris etc.
  • The enclosures are to integrate with the equipments existing ventilation system, thus ensuring that the enclosed machinery continues to operate in a normal manner.

Acoustic Performance

The `Liner & Scorer Machines' each had an operational noise level of 95dB(A) at 1 metre. The enclosures provided a minimum noise reduction of 25dB, bringing the noise level of individual machines down to 70dB(A) and overall factory noise levels well below 80dB(A) - thereby exceeding the customer's requirements and fully meeting national and international standards.


November 2006

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